Build My Rank is Dead! What does the future hold for niche websites?

build my rank is dead

build my rank is dead

As I’ve mentioned before, building niche websites is one of the most popular ways to make money online. One of the main aspects of doing that is getting your sites as high as possible in Google search results.

To do that, you need back links. For years there have been many “blog networks” that have been used for building back links. Google has never liked them. Today I got an email from PayPal stating that I have a refund from Build my Rank.

I headed over to my account only to find a message from Build my Rank letting us know that most of their blog network has been de-indexed so they’re closing it down. Many other blog networks have been de-indexed too. This isn’t something that’s never happened before but the scale of the changes that Google’s making is pretty significant.

Simply the fact that Build my Rank instantly refunded their customers shows how genuine they were. It was a quality network so the fact that it’s now gone means that finding back links is going to get much harder.

One lesson I’ve learned from this is that being genuinely great makes a huge long term difference. I will be interested in any product the people behind Build my Rank come out with in the future and I’m sure most of their user base will be too.  Click here to read the article from Build my Rank.

So what’s the future for niche websites?
The truth is that no one knows yet. Google are pushing out some major changes in the near future, the biggest in their history. Some people (including me) think there will still be opportunities with niche sites while others aren’t so sure.

Click here to read about some of the changes that are coming and let me know what you think about the future of niche sites.

Here is my plan of action
I’ll continue to build niche sites. Things will keep changing but these changes may bring more opportunities. I will monitor the situation closely and look for these opportunities. I will focus more on the Keyword research aspect of building a niche site to ensure competition is extremely low.

As for ranking in Google, here are some things I’ll do to improve my chances.

  • I will add more content onto the niche sites, this always helps.
  • Where possible, I will add videos to articles. When the article title and video title match, the article gets a boost in ranking.
  • I will continue to build back links from article websites (such as article factory or
  • I will focus some time on getting some coverage on social media sites, specially Google plus. They love it when people use their network!
  • I will use guest posting to build links naturally, how the big Google likes it.
  • I will build more Web 2.0 sites which include links back to my niche sites.

Overall, these are extremely uncertain and exciting times for niche site builders. What we do know is that big changes are coming.

Thankfully I’ve been working on a big email marketing project that doesn’t involve Google at all! I’ll let you know all about that in due course ;-)